Andrew Stobbe

Full-Stack Web and Mobile Developer.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Andrew Stobbe and I am a “Creative Technologist” with 18 years of both Agency and Startup experience spanning many roles. Regardless of my title, I am a coder at heart whose career path has provided vast “hands on” experience in both Mobile (Native/Web) and Web Application Development. I love to learn new things and I enjoy sharing with others.

Things I Can Do

Having an extensive background developing medium to large scale database-driven web and mobile applications that interface with external API's, I possess the abilities and knowhow required to produce well above average results. Here are some things I can do.

  • Architect | My understanding of OOP and design patterns such as MVC make me quite effective when it comes to delivering secure, reliable custom built web applications.
  • Integrate | I have an extremely solid background creating RESTful APIs and developing custom applications that combine dissimilar technologies to share data in complex ways.
  • Open Source | In addition to my “Bespoke” Web & Mobile Application Development experience, I can also work within a number of open source platforms & frameworks.
  • Work Ethic | With a fantastic work ethic and a skill-set that evolves on a daily basis, I bring a wealth of experience and abilities to the table in just about any environment or role.
  • Technology | I prefer to work within the following PHP frameworks; Zend, Laravel, CakePHP and CodeIgniter. Currently using Swift for IOS development and Appcelerator for cross platform native apps.
  • Leadership | I have a “Strong Leadership” background and an entrepreneurial nature. I have lead small and medium size development teams and enjoy mentoring and learning from other developers.

My Background

I was born and raised in Southern California. A self-taught engineer who started building and tinkering with my own PC’s at an early age. After a few semesters of design school, I combined my passions for both design and technology and started doing websites.

Entrepreneurial by nature, I spent the first portion of my career working with various startups designing and creating ecommerce websites for notable clientele such as; Motorola, HMV, Virgin Records, Tower Records, and Billboard Magazine. At this time the Internet was still in its infancy and I was drawn to these new and emerging technologies. While developing cutting edge ecommerce and fulfillment systems in the early 90's, I was amongst a relatively small group of pioneers forging new ground in the way the world conducted business.

Fascinated by the idea and promise of instant "real-time" communication, I found myself a Software Engineer on some early social network, chat and instant messaging projects for an IdeaLab company known as PeopleLink. This amazingly talented group of people was far ahead of its time and set many of the standards you see in ”social media” today.

By the late 90's I had notched my belt with successfully taking part in the development of projects for entertainment industry juggernauts; ViaCom (MTVi, Nickelodeon, VH1), Paramount, Lucas Arts and FOX Interactive. Gaining a wealth of Enterprise level experience, I began to envision my own consulting firm. The burst of the Dot-com bubble in 2000 gave me the opportunity to do just that.

Realizing the advantage I had over the larger firms in this turbulent time, I ventured off on my own and formed Webtrend. Webtrend Inc. (aka The Webtrend Network) was a consulting group that I founded in 2001 servicing clients such as; M-audio, The Melody Company and California Institute for Behavioral Analasys. Webtrend's goal was to provide high end development and consulting services for Medium sized companies and the Design/Marketing Agencies who's venture into the World Wide Web was in its early stages.

Upon my relocation to the Denver Metro area from California in 2003, I brought my "I can do that" style of software engineering with me to Colorado. My thirst for new ventures and ideas lead me to form the "web-centric" agency known as tintedPixel, Inc. in 2009.

After founding tintedPixel, I consulted for a number of local Denver Metro Area Businesses and Design/Marketing Firms providing the technical expertise and leadership demanded by the new age of Interactive Digital Media. Finding a niche for “complex” programming services, I put tintedPixel on hold and founded theDevFirm in 2013 - whose primary focus is Web and Mobile Application Development.

Recently I have been involved in a number of Web and Mobile based projects filling the role(s) of Creative Technologist, CTO, Founder and Senior Software Engineer.

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about me or my work. Fill out the form below and I will get back to you.